About Vivid Photo Inc.

          Established in 1995, Vivid Photo Inc. is a full-service photo solution company. We have been provided
          the following products and services with high customer satisfaction in Brooklyn NY area and internet for
          over fifteen years.

           * Digital photo printing.
           * Film developing and printing.
           * Large size photo and canvas printing.
           * Photo retouching and restoration.
           * Large selection pre-made picture frames and custom picture framing.
           * Large selection photo albums.
           * Photo gifts, photo crystals, photo jewelers, photo mugs and photo t-shirt.
           * Passport, green card, document, ID, citizenship and lottery green card photo services.
           * Photo Identification card.
           * Video transfer services. Transfer 8mm, super8 and 16mm films to DVD. Transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm,
              hi8 and mini DV to DVD. Transfer video from Pal system to NTSC system.
           * Audio transfer services. Transfer audio cassette and LP records to CD.
           * Digitization service. Transfer 35mm films, slides, professional films, old negatives and photos to
           * Professional photography studio for family, baby, head shot and all other events.
           * Photography services for wedding, party and all other events.

              Vivid Photo Inc.
              2215 Avenue U
              Brooklyn, NY 11229

             Email Vivid Photo service@vividphoto.com

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