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2215 Ave U(Between East 22 & 23) Brooklyn NY 11229
Work Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-7:30, Sat 10-7:30, Sun 11-7:30

Photo Restoration, Retouch and Enhancement

Restore your valuable family photos and pass them to new
generation, our photo restoration services meet your
needs. Vivid Photo has been providing photo restoration,
retouch and enhancement services over twenty years. Our
experience and expertise in photo restoration and
enhancement will ensure your valuable photo's quality.

Restore Faded Photos
before color restoration after color restoration
Your valuable old photos can refresh your memory of the
good old days. But the color of the old photos could be
faded since it has been a long while after it was taken.
We restore your old faded photos. It will look like new.
Restore Damaged Photos
before damage restoration after damage restoration
Vivid Photo restores damage photos. We not only can fix
your damaged photos, but also can enhance the photos.
We make the photo clearer and sharper. We also restore
the faded photos.
Clean Photo Stains
before clean stains after clean stains
Clean stains on the photo, fix damage and enhance colors.
See the difference before and after the photo restoration.
Our experience and expertise in photo photos have highest
possible quality.
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