Custom Framing FAQ
  • Vivid Photo has such a variety of picture frame styles. How do I know which one to choose?
    When framing a work of art, it is crucial to consider two things. First, think of the space in which your art will be hung. Your picture must fit in with the décor of this space. For example, if you have a modern, minimalist decor, you might go with a basic frame in a neutral color. If your space is inspired by nature, you might go with a frame that appears natural, such as a wooden, textured one. Second, when thinking of frames, it is also important to consider the work of art and what style and color will best show it off. A frame must work for the picture, making it fit naturally into the space it is in.

  • What is the purpose of photo mat? Does my artwork need one?
    Mat serves both an aesthetic and practical function. Mat complements the work of art and draws the viewer’s eyes towards it. It also offers the print or painting protection by separating it from the glass of the frame so that no paint or other substance transfers onto the glass(excellent statement).

  • How should I decide on a color for my photo mat?
  • It is best to choose a mat that will bring focus to your work of art. White is the most common for this reason, and it is important that the color you choose is not distracting. Different colors look good with different works, and it is important to also consider the color of your frame when choosing a color for your mat; the two must work together. Some examples of how to choose a frame/mat color combo including having one color in two different hues or intensities; two colors closely related; or colors across from each other on a color wheel.

  • How do I determine what size photo mat I need?
    Besides individual preference, the general ides to have an appropriate mat size for your photo or art work is to have a right proportion of the mat size to match up photo size. Ideally, the bigger photo or art work should have larger size mat; smaller photo should have smaller mat. The recommendation mat sizes are from 0.5 inch to 3 inch width(This is the general answer, fix the language please).

  • Do you offer photo mat and framing samples?
    We do not offer, but you can see some of the samples online.

  • Is my picture too thick for the frame?
  • We can frame up to three inch thickness picture or art work.

  • What is the largest size frame and matting will do
  • We can do framing and matting sizes up to 60 inch x 96 inch in size.

  • Do you cut fractions?

  • Yes, we do.

  • Do you also sell ready-made frames?
  • Yes. We have a large selection of wooden and metal 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 picture frames, as well as variety of novelty poster size frames.

  • What is your turnaround time?
  • Your order will be shipped within three days.

  • What are my shipping options?

  • We have USPS and UPS, standard and express.

  • Do you have a return policy?
  • If an error has been made, you should contact us within seven days. ssl connection     

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